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And I quote:

"I've listened to your mp3 selections, and I definitly see a pattern of what you're going for - epic marches!

"Well, since it's not going to be orchestral, my approach will most likely be to incorporate some orchestral elements, whether it be strings, brass, choir, into a rocking / synth score, with an under current of marching percusion blended with a hard beat. It will take shape once I get the foundation started, and I'll better determine what elements and dynamics I would be putting in as it goes along, but thats the general idea I get in my head for starters. Sound like a plan?

"I guess from here, once you get part 1 of the funds together, I'll get started right after!



STAND BY FOR MIND CONTROL also further details of where we're collecting ze moneys when it's sorted out.

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Instigator's decision is final, etc etc, valued advice from FLEET regulars, etc etc, see below.


Poll #553326 Marching Feet

In a FLEET theme tune, to have percussion made of marching jackboots would be:

Utterly ideal in every sense of the word.
Very nice indeed. We can ignore the people who point trembling fingers and shout 'Hell March'.
A little too close to the Hell March for comfort, actually.
Unnecessary. Jackboots do not an ominous theme tune make, nor ironclads a stage.

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Just to check, re: Mr Frank Klepacki...

if anyone's suddenly found a spare couple of hundred dollars under the sofa, do feel free to say so. We've /probably/ got sufficient for the $1k option, assuming those who have stated their contributions can make them, but more pledgings couldn't hurt.

Otherwise, it's all systems go in twelve hours' time for Phase 3.

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[22:46] [Moltare] Not to put too fine a point on it: Who would like to see a FLEET theme tune composed by Frank Klepacki, composer of the C&C music and other classics of the genre?
[22:46] [Echo[Fox-Coon]] :O
[22:46] [Vornotron] :O
[22:46] [Silver_Adept] Dood!
[22:46] [ToxicFrog[wr0k]] !!!
[22:46] [Blakey] o_O
[22:46] [Mork] !
[22:46] [Echo[Fox-Coon]] Woah.
[22:46] [JimStarluck] !!!
[22:46] [Mahmoth] Dear Goddess...
[22:46] [Vornotron] !!! O.o :O !!!
[22:46] * ToxicFrog[wr0k] wraps his head in duct tape to prevent his soft, tender brainmeats from exploding.
[22:46] [Thalass] ...
[22:46] [C_tiger_work] *boggles*
[22:46] * Thalass faints

So then. Three minutes of original Frank Klepacki work to our specification, fully available for our use in any project that is not a commercial computer game. $1000 for a C&C style theme tune, $2000 for a full orchestral work.

How much can you put forward?

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Now I just have to resist the urge to make use of the contents at work and wander around scaring people with the procedure...



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Since my leaving to go to Dad's for the weekend last Friday and this evening, my mother and stepdad have managed to throw off the shackles of the progress they had made towards accepting the fact of my recent failure.

With the result that I got to hear the You Have Failed Us speech again, followed by the You Have Ended Your Life speech and the We Think You Don't Feel Bad Enough About Having Failed So We're Going To Describe How We've Been Having Stress Attacks speech. And the cloud of happiness and joy descends over the house once more.


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So, my father opens the oven.

He takes out the chicken roasting therein.

He brandishes his basting spoon.

And he tells the chicken "All your baste are belong to us!"

I'm left with WTF spurting from my psyche at firehose pressures.